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With around 20,000 new items being added to Amazon every hour of every day, and over 3,000 new sellers setting up every single day, it's becoming increasingly difficult to create differentiation.  

And there's only one direction that Amazon is moving in...


Storefronts have become Stores and more like websites.  They suit brands, and they even have the option for shoppers to "follow" you.  Are you telling them about forthcoming products?  Have you explained your brand story and how you are different?  Do you know why they should care?  It's time to get creative with your Store.

Are you using Amazon Posts?  Do you match your Instagram content to your Amazon marketing?

Have you made the most of video ad placements?  Did you notice that video ads play on a loop without being clicked, meaning you don't pay for people to see your ad, only to click it?  What? haven't created videos?  I can do that for you too.

And would your brand benefit from professional Brand Story that sits above the Enhanced Product Description?  I do that too.


Ask yourself...

What are your beliefs?

What's your perspective?

What's your brand position and mission?

What kind of messages are you giving and how loud are they?

Does your Amazon page match your website, does your packaging match your newsletters?

What I do, is take a look at your Amazon listing, your store, social media, websites, etc and first of all, I'll record a video explaining how you can improve matters.  There are some examples below.

I've helped hundreds of sellers to raise their prices and grab more sales simply by improving their brand message.  I used to do this for one of Canada's largest Amazon agencies Kenji ROI, and for PPC Entourage customers.  

I can also help strengthen your brand to secure an exit plan; to make your account more attractive to buy for aggregators.

BONUS.  If you order PPC management with me for a minimum of two months I will include branding consultancy for free.

EXTRA BONUS.  If you order PPC management with me for a minimum of two months I will include a Creative Design Direction package to give to your graphic designer which points out how to improve your upper gallery images and A+/EBC content

The normal price for branding consultancy - $150 per hour (click the "Consulting" Tab above or head to the bottom of this page).

Here are some examples of creating brand differentiation...


The following EBC content was what I would call regular Amazon copy, it does better than most in that it gets the main features and benefits across and while it probably wouldn't stop someone from buying, it probably wouldn't compel them to either.


It doesn't connect with buyer emotions.  It doesn't dive deeply enough into the problems, into the fears a buyer has and it is too wordy.  The text doesn't translate easily into sound or imagery, and if it doesn't do that, the brain has a harder job of understanding your offer.

Bikini branding, fire bag, zen arts, onsen, cat toys, other examples for differentiation eg, funny.  Brand images, I can do a video review price

Current EBC.JPG

I was on a Zoom call discussing my PPC strategies.  I'd already read the above content and wanted to change it but that was a little off-topic, so I asked why did they decide to design and sell this bag, why not let others do it, what's the difference, and what's the driving force here?

The answer I got is what I wrote below.  It tells a brand story from a human perspective, it's emotional, it gives their position, their reason for doing it, their belief in what they are doing, and focuses on the one difference that singles-out their product from all the others - not a "non-itchy carry strap" but the fact it has reflective tape to be found quickly in an emergency.  And most of all, it creates a sense of urgency, because this problem happens a lot.

The start of your EBC content (or description) is the beginning of your relationship with a potential customer.  It's the first thing a mobile user will see after the title and main image, so you need to grab their attention.  You need to get inside their heads a little and make a window-shopper into an OMG I need to buy it now shopper.

alorva 1.JPG

I wrote the following content when I worked as Lead Copywriter for KenjiROI Amazon agency.  This seller was already established as the brand leader but they wanted to create a stronger voice for their EBC content.  I offered two different voices; a regular one selling the features and benefits of their standard pet product range and a fun voice for their cat toy products.

For the cat toys, I decided to write to the cat rather than the owner. Adding a little humor can be a great way to create differentiation.  I would personally have chosen a different font width but even so, it sure made a difference to their sales.

kitty litter.jpg
couch saver.jpg

The next example shows how a plain description and bland bullets can't save one of the biggest brands in its category; swimwear.  I took around a week to decide on the written content for around twenty products. 


The brand is well-known, searched for on Amazon and well-liked BUT it needed a voice, one that elevated it to where it needed to be, and that meant the writing itself must also be of a higher level.  And while it often makes sense to keep bullets short, I made the decision to make these longer with the view that the style of writing would entice women into reading through them. 

First, here's the original content, followed by what I created.

hapari bullets.JPG
Hapari desc.JPG

And here's the new content.

Hapari bullets2.JPG
Hapari Desc 2.JPG

And finally, here are a couple of before-and-after upper gallery images that have helped to enhance a brand's image. 


Whether you are selling from your garage with a few grand to spare, or you are a business employing people you want your brand to ignite passion, to stand out and demonstrate its beliefs.  People buy beliefs first and products second.



GLI 1.jpg
ALKANtur 1.jpg


gli 2.jpg
alkantur 2.jpg

While there is nothing wrong with the two ladies in the original image the product is three times the cost of competitor items but has some important features that make it worth the money. 


I wanted to make it more aspirational and appeal to modern affluent buyers who could afford this alkaline water jug.  Being a Spanish product, we chose a Spanish model and a white kitchen to ensure that the water pitcher stood out, unlike in the original which gets lost in the same-colored background.

If you would like help with graphic design please let me know.  I will put you in touch with Olena directly.  She's an amazing graphic designer with lots of experience, and knows exactly what's needed.

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