Not everyone likes to outsource their work. 


If you are such a person, and you prefer to do things yourself but simply don't have the expertise then you can call me and I can provide you with advice on the following areas.


Book a Call with Me for the Following:

Amazon PPC Management

What to do and how to do it, answers to your specific issues, how to drive down costs and drive up impressions

Amazon Listing Optimization

Which areas of your content can be improved to drive more traffic and convert more sales



How to create differentiation, ways to get your story across, how to get shoppers to buy into your brand



How and where to use them for best results, which to choose for your product

Please see below to book a call and read the tips to the right to help you get the most for your money...

NB.  Calls are video recorded so you can download it following our call.  Videos will be available for one week.

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Clicking the button below takes you to my Calendly link to book a time of your choosing. Payment is to occur at least one day before our appointment, and for a minimum of one hour at $150/hour.

Billing is set in 15 minutes, therefore if the call goes to 1:15 minutes you will not be charged for 2-hours but 75 minutes.


Screen share so I can walk you through the exact problem areas and opportunities that are available to you.


Write down all the areas where you have problems that need covering, to get the most of your hour.


Invite a colleague/s who might also have questions, and please let me know about them beforehand


For listing optimization, send me the ASIN links before you call so we can save time on call as I will have answers


Know your objectives in advance; for the call and also for your PPC ads or listings.


If discussing branding please consider your story, voice, and aspirations before we begin, so I can best advise.

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