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One of the greatest problems I see when selling on Amazon is how listings that aren't fully optimised work against sellers.  If you don't have your content right then this will affect your sales, which in turn reduces your ranking potential, and will cause you to pay more for PPC, which creates a huge problem when managing ACoS.

I can help you with a 30-minute video that appraises your product's weaknesses. 


I will audit the following:

  • Your Amazon Canonical URL and how to improve it

  • Give you tips to write a more compelling product title for the algorithm and shoppers

  • How to create bullets that work and that trick the algorithm into thinking your product is like a best-seller

  • How to get your unique selling proposition (USP) across even when it's not unique

  • How to appear that you are offering a premium product without mentioning quality

  • I will provide tips to create a sense of need when a buyer first looks at your description

  • I will assess your Upper Gallery images and tell you what works and what doesn't

  • I will demonstrate what makes great EBC content and where yours can be improved

  • I will explain how to create better branding so that shoppers feel that they can trust you

  • I will assess your Store and explain some things you will likely be missing

  • I will show you how to take advantage of your competitor weaknesses

  • And I will explain where your key points should be on the page and how colour affects the likelihood of adding to cart



Thanks so much for this it was really useful - I got a lot out of it and appreciated the time you took with me! - L Brown, Owner, business name protected

Thanks so much for today. I learnt so much from you. I appreciate your patience and time. - E Arbuckle, Owner, business name protected.

Why choose me to audit your Amazon Listing?

Most people know me for my Amazon PPC management but I've been a sales conversion copywriter since 1993.  Back then, I was responsible for writing marketing faxes and direct mail.  Before getting involved with PPC, I used to run my own Amazon agency specialising in Listing Optimisation.  I had a team of 17 people involved with keyword research, copywriting, translation, graphic design, and photography.   


Previous to that, I worked as the Lead Copywriter for a large Canadian Amazon agency and was responsible for the creative direction of all content creation.  At this time, I used to record video appraisals of PPC Entourage customers.  I would give them tips to improve their listings so that their ACoS would improve and conversions increase.

I now offer this service to regular Amazon sellers.

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