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I have written several hundred listings for this customer and it gives me a real sense of achievement to see how a change in content has transformed their success.

The original content only featured basic data, didn't connect with buyer emotions and had a poor description.  I wanted people to see the main features and benefits at a glance.  Bullets were restricted to 100-characters, so not much chance to use a persuasive copy.





  • LONG-LASTING… show someone is still loved with cemetery flowers that look fresh for 2-3+ months

  • REAL-LOOKING ROSES… they may be artificial flowers, but they offer stunning natural color

  • ZERO-MAINTENANCE… as neighboring flowers wilt these fake flowers will look great without effort


Keeping your loved one’s grave flowers looking clean and fresh can be a real commitment, however, [Brand] Silk Flowers look natural and stay fresh for months. Click ADD TO CART now for long-lasting effortless beauty.


Real flowers can demand a lot of time in keeping the graveside tidy, and are expensive to replace, they don’t last long and can soon give the appearance that a memorial is uncared for here’s how these cemetery grave decorations keep looking spectacular for longer…



The canonical URL is used by search engines to locate an Amazon page and A9's algorithm also uses it in Amazon.  The algorithm is tasked to find five descriptive words from your title to place in the URL.  I can add as many as you like, and all relevant to your ASIN IF it is a new item.  At the time of doing these flowers the algorithm updated the URL if the title changed.

You can see how this product had virtually no sales for many months, until the new content was written with better keywords and more compelling copy.

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