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This product hadn't had a sale in three months.  There wasn't anything particularly bad about it, it had some nice pictures, basic description and was priced competitively.

But it simply wasn't selling.

I made some recommendations to change the images so that the main hero picture included the packaging and to design some better product call-outs on the gallery images to work in harmony with the bullets, which I also changed.

I simplified the bullets and focused on the unique selling features while overcoming the main obstacles found in critical reviews of competitor products.

This listing was refreshed at the start of February 2020 and sold over $20,000 in the first month.  By adding new variations, I managed to create a killer canonical URL.  See below.  Most sellers have 5 keywords in their URL, this has 7.




✔ ATTRACTIVE NATURAL WEAVE DESIGN… with a classic polished interior which helps to elevate any event and impress guests, and being fully biodegradable there’s no washing up after!

✔ NO LEAKAGE… these bagasse sugarcane bowls have a glossy interior, created to help stop hot liquids from seeping through their base making them ideal for BBQs & parties


Did you know that 91% of plastic isn’t recycled and a staggering 8 million tons of it is dumped into our oceans every year? Furthermore, 4 billion trees are used every year for the paper industry,* so if you want dinnerware that is kind to the environment it’s not easy to find. The Brand Organic company has the answer with its bagasse sugarcane bowls. Here’s why…

Bagasse is a byproduct of the sugarcane process and unlike trees, it only needs one growing season to fully renew, and what’s more, it biodegrades superfast, normally within 30-60 days.

Here’s what else there is to love about these compostable bowls.



The canonical URL is used by search engines to locate an Amazon page and A9's algorithm also uses it in Amazon.  The algorithm is tasked to find five descriptive words from your title to place in the URL.  I can add as many as you like, and all relevant to your ASIN IF it is a new item.

The second bullet answers an issue common to competitor listings and helps to overcome potential buying anxieties.  As people are often making decisions within seconds, it is vital that important information can be read fast.

The description focuses on the environment.  I wanted it to be factual and also shocking enough to play on people's emotions and compel them to want to buy.  

In the images below you will see that the customer was able to increase the price twice in one month while ranking continued to improve.  This is often a consequence of getting the branding message right.

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