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Full Leg Compression Sleeve

The fitness category is super-competitive with some big brands here.  As a runner, I knew the advantages of wearing this type of product.  

Even so, I did a lot of research to see what pushed people's buttons and what pain-points they wanted to solve.  I could see common issues with competitor products and wrote the bullets around how the specific design of this item overcame those issues.

CANONICAL URL[Brand]-Full-Leg-Compression-Sleeves/dp/ASIN



✔ TRAIN HARDER, RECOVER FASTER… a brand-new innovative 3D yarn that wicks away sweat to keep you super-cool while pushing hard, and formed with designed-in compression to improve blood flow and limit shock entering the muscles; a major cause of fatigue and injury


✔ NON-SLIP GRIP… [Brand] thigh-high compression sleeves stay in place to give you full support 100% of the time; a silicone grip ring stops them bunching up or sliding down, so you won’t be constantly rearranging them





Injuries never happen at the right time but that doesn’t mean you can’t be at your best.  Picture a healthier, fitter-looking you, bursting with energy and feeling better. That’s what the [brand] compression sleeves can do for you.  By combining class-leading support with improved circulation, they keep you on your feet when you need it most.


"Pushing hard", "limit shock", and "fatigue" were words regularly used in the running forums that I researched.  Using them in the copywriting makes a runner feel that you are speaking their language which helps them connect more deeply with your listing, as they sense that you have a good understanding of their issues.

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