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Amazon PPC - Does Repeating Keywords in a Different Order Create Duplication?

Updated: Mar 27

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The Full Question:

I still have some confusion around putting the same words into the same campaigns (but maybe in a different order) and how that works. 

Say for instance you have a long tail converting search term " large white dog bowl" and you want to put it into a phrase and broad campaign but you already have "large dog bowl" in the same campaign, does the algorithm just sort it out or should you put it into a different campaign?

Is there are preferred way of doing this? Thank you.

The Answer:

Keywords that have a different order are not the same keyword - 


"Large white dog bowl" and "large dog bowl" are not the same keyword.  They might, however, get the same search terms channeled through them depending on the match type you are targeting.  Usually in Phrase match the search term has to contain the keyword in its exact word order but with extra words to it at the front or the end.


The way of choosing which keywords go into a campaign isn't so important.  It's what you do with them once they are there that is :) 

In the above case, if both keywords were getting the same search terms through them, you would have to take a view on how to bid manage/control them based also on the search terms that are different.  To get around it, you could set the search terms as keywords so that you control them all.

For a more focused keyword such as "Large White Dog Bowl" and "Large White Bowl for Dogs", the different word order makes them a different keyword. You can also check Amazon's Suggested Bid when viewing your campaign. If it thinks the keyword is the same, then the Suggested Bid will be identical.

I hope that helps!

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