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What is the average cost per click (CPC) for an Amazon sponsored ad?

Updated: Mar 27

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What is the average cost per click (CPC) for an Amazon sponsored ad? How do advertisers compare to one another in this regard?


You don’t really need to know the average CPC for an Amazon sponsored ad.

It doesn’t matter what bid you begin with, with one exception and that is when launching a product and using a high bid to help the algorithm to align the correct keywords to your product.

If you bid at 50c or at $5 it doesn’t matter.

You will soon get data back in your ad campaign that will quickly tell you what is the right bid for your product based on key metrics like ACoS, and CVR. You then bid manage the keywords to attempt to get them to fall in line with your goals.

If 50c isn’t enough then you raise the bid until you begin to see results.

If $5 is too much you lower the bid until you like the new data.

Once your product is launched, you should be able to get some activity with a bid between 60c and $1.30.

SBAs and SDAs can be more than that. Highly competitive categories might need higher bids. Even so, I wouldn’t want to bid high unless I got proof that my product can convert well enough.

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