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"I’ve just recorded an amazing conversation with Heath Thompson who is, I think, the world’s best Amazon PPC Expert. After listening in on our conversation I think you’ll agree." - Chris Thomas, The Australian Seller

Thanks Chris! - Anyone wanting to hear the show can click the above podcast image.

Navigating Amazon PPC Can Be Daunting.


Whether you're grappling with high ACoS on low-cost items or low conversion rates on high-priced products, achieving profitability is a substantial challenge.

Mastering which ASINs to pair with which keywords, optimizing bids for profitability while maintaining visibility, and leveraging algorithm-friendly strategies to boost your organic rankings and conversion rates are complex tasks. And let's not forget, that halting your ads isn't usually a viable option—doing so could jeopardize your organic ranking and open the door for competitors to capture your market share.

Wouldn't you rather spend your days focusing on the aspects of your business that you love instead of deciphering data and managing bids?

That's where I come in.

I Thrive On the Very Challenges that You'd Prefer to Avoid.


With over a decade of dedicated study in Business Studies, Branding, and Clinical Hypnosis, coupled with extensive hands-on experience with Amazon's algorithms, I'm uniquely equipped to manage your PPC needs effectively.

Since 2019, I've been directly handling client PPC accounts, and prior to that, I ran a listing optimization agency for two years. When you entrust your PPC management to me, you get my undivided attention—your account will never be handed off to a freelancer or another employee. You gain access not only to my expertise in ad management but also to complimentary services such as listing optimization tips, hypnotic copywriting enhancements, and advice on graphic design, photography, keyword selection, and branding.  I also sold around 400 products on Amazon between 2006 and 2011.

Imagine your workdays being more enjoyable. Starting with a coffee and a to-do list filled only with tasks you're passionate about. The sun's shining, the birds are singing, and you've lots of extra time with no PPC worries. That can't be bad.

Give it a try—there's no contract, just the opportunity to see how much easier your life can be with the right support. Check out my pricing below and let's discuss how I can help you focus on what you truly enjoy about your business.

Feel free to book a call using my Calendly link:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,



Unlock the power of your Amazon presence with Heath's tailored pricing structure designed to fit your needs and maximize your success. Here's what you need to know:

Pricing Cover.png

Base Package

  • Starting at $500.00 (USD) per month, Heath's base package is ideal for sellers with a minimum of five products, (including variations), and who are brand registered.

  • Before diving into PPC management, he conducts a thorough review of one or more of your listings. If necessary, he'll provide a detailed video outlining optimization points focusing on written content and graphic design. Optimizing your listings ensures that conversion rates are primed for success, setting the stage for effective PPC campaigns.

  • Once Heath begins his PPC management services, he offers complimentary copywriting tweaks for your listing to improve sponsored ad conversion.  He provides this free of charge for one product per month and only makes revisions if the specification is incorrect.  Please refer to the Copywriting page above for full listing content creation where revisions are available.

Expanding Your Reach:

  • Additional marketplaces can be seamlessly integrated into mu services for an additional $350.00 until they reach $5k per month ad spend. After reaching this threshold, they revert to the standard pricing outlined above.

Exceeding Expectations:

  • When your monthly ad spend surpasses $15k, Heath goes above and beyond by incorporating ACoS/TACoS targeting into his services at no extra cost. If he fails to meet agreed-upon benchmarks, he'll adjust the monthly fee accordingly, ensuring transparency and accountability in his approach.

  • Whether it's a product launch, managing low stock, or navigating peak sales periods, Heath is committed to optimizing your Amazon strategy while keeping a keen eye on costs.



Ready to elevate your Amazon game? Contact Heath today to discuss how his tailored pricing and expert services can propel your business forward.

PPC Reports:

Embark on a journey of data-driven success with the Amazon Alchemist's personalized PPC reporting. Gain exclusive access to your own dedicated PPC reporting account, offering real-time insights available 24/7 at your fingertips.

Each month Heath provides a comprehensive, granular report detailing all key metrics. Dive deep into the numbers, uncovering invaluable insights to refine your Amazon strategy and drive unprecedented growth.

A monthly video review is included in the management fees.


Ready to unlock the power of data in your Amazon journey? Take a sneak peek at the sample data below with evidence from various account Campaign Managers, as described by Heath, and see the difference for yourself.


The above account got most of its sales in the summer months and was dramatically affected by the Coronavirus, which you can see in April 2020.  I wanted to even out the sales (blue line) across all months and to stablize the ACoS (orange line), while increasing sales.  Which is what I have continued to do.


This particular customer is one of the two clients who talked me into managing PPC.  I had been supplying copywriting, graphic design, and photography when in 2018 he asked me to manage his PPC.  I declined but agreed to set up some ad campaigns.  In April 2020, the customer ran out of patience with his current PPC agency and asked me to reconsider, which I did.  

I wanted to reduce the ACoS but more importantly increase marketshare.  In July 2021, I got some administrative help and I reduced the number of clients I had so that I could focus more on PPC strategies, the effect of which can be seen with the large blue spike in sales afterward.


The above client felt disattisfied with their current PPC agency and we agreed to work together at a low point in November 2020.  I looked at their brand, improved the copywriting of some slower selling ASINs, improved the Store, worked on Amazon Posts, and added a lot of campaigns while restructuring the current ads.

My main belief was that this "summer" product had the ability to sell more across all months.  I worked specifically to increase organic sales (not shown above) and to keep the ACoS below 30%.  The dips in performance in June and August were due to stock shortages.

I am particularly happy to have helped this business to sell to an aggregator and make some positive changes to make a real difference to the quality of their life.

NB.  All October figures look worse because at the time of using these graphs only 10-days of sales were accounted for.


I took over this account in October 2020.  The dip in performance in April/May was due to running out of stock.  With this account I could see a great untapped potential in the branding.  I rewrote the EBC and listing content, helped to recreate the Amazon Store, completely restructured the ad campaigns and then worked to drive sales while reducing ACoS.

Sales throughout August and October where actually inhibited by inventory being stuck at port, but I'm happy with the results.  With more established inventory I know I can double the future performance here and reduce the ACoS.  This customer has an exit plan for 2022 and I will work hard to make their business a more attractive proposition to aggregators.


In the final example, I began working on this account in February.  The product had been badly affected by the coronavirus and I was unsure whether to take it on.  After realising that the new owner and I had the same opinion of where this brand could go, we set up a strategy, reduced the advertised products by 70% in March to control costs and slowly began to reintroduce them again in August but with new ad types that hadn't previously been tested.  You can see the results.  And consider that the sales in October are for 10-days only at the time of writing.


Here are some sections of my PPC reports to provide an idea of what you receive each month.  Reports also include individual portfolio performance, and ASIN and keyword performance overviews.

Red text refers to a drop in performance while blue means an improvement.  Where PPC spend shows red it can simply be because of an increase in ad campaigns to drive up revenue.

PPC Reporting Data.JPG
PPC Reporting Data2.JPG
PPC Reporting Data3.JPG
PPC Reporting Data4.JPG
PPC Reporting Data5.JPG

The final image above would have a column on the left detailing each individual ASIN.

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