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PPC = Instant Presence, & Instant Pressure!

NOTICE (21 April 2021) - I am currently not taking on any new clients as I have reached the maximum I can manage. 


In case it helps, and you want to learn all I know about PPC management, I am launching a PPC, Listing Optimisation, and Branding online course in June/July of this year.  Details to come. Please contact me at if you want to be made aware of the launch date. Thanks!

If you don't know your deduplication from your day-parting, or you overlook keyword density issues and what they mean, and you haven't triple-indexed your campaign launches... probably need a PPC expert.

Why?  Well, you're leaving money on the table.

When you are trying to run effective, efficient ads that make money it's easy to also make mistakes, and then difficult to rectify them.   And when it starts to go wrong, well it usually does so in a big way.

I've learned from the best in the industry; Brian R Johnson's SPA2.0 course, Sean Smith's PPC Accelerator course, and more.  Over $10k spent on PPC courses, and a wealth of experience.

So, how do I do things?  I work through the following monthly management model in a cyclic way:

Monthly Management.JPG

Simple Pricing 

Click the above video to see how I do things differently to make a big difference in the success of your Amazon Sponsored Ads. 


In brief, here's how I make you money:

  • I structure your ads for optimal growth

  • I bring harmony between your ads and your listing

  • I include copywriting tweaks to improve conversions

  • I work with PPC Scope software to dig deeper into your KPIs

  • I advise on branding, creating a story, and voice to your Storefront

  • I write SBA taglines to entice people to click your ads (brand registered sellers only)

  • Every week I test for new keywords and expand your range via your converting search terms

  • I bid creatively on your below-target, high-conversion keywords to drive high sales velocity

  • I manage your budget (once discussed) and apportion it across the best-performing ads of that time

  • I bring stability and maturity to your ad campaigns to create a reliable structured growth you can depend upon 

  • I include auto & manual sponsored product ads, product display ads, sponsored branded ads, video ads, mobile ads, and sponsored display ads


NB. For larger accounts please contact me - heath AT

Pricing includes PPC management, copywriting tweaks, back-end optimization, ongoing keyword research (all of which you can have access to), video creation (for ads, not every month but we can discuss it), store optimisation/creation, and up to two hours of Skype/Zoom calls per month.  There are no setup fees or hidden charges, and we can set monthly goals with financial clauses. 


Each month I provide a comprehensive PPC report with commentary regarding specific products, new ideas, new ad campaigns created, and I like to discuss this with you over a Zoom call to agree ongoing targets and objectives.


For Brand registered sellers with access to Sponsored Display Ads only.  This is to allow me to give the maximum return on your investment. 

Here are snippets from my monthly reports (please note that I have updated my reports tp include more salient information.  If you would like a sample please contact me and I will be happy to send you a copy.

Sample Section of My Worksheet

Sample of the Key Metrics - Work began mid-December 2019

key metrics.JPG

Sample Work Overview (Partial Image)

Sample of the Key Metrics - I have been working on this account for 8 months


Sample Work Itemised - Recordable Data Only (Partial Image)


Sample of the Key Metrics - BSR, Amazon Recommended Keywords, & Total KWs Indexed



While every account is different and comes with its own challenges, I appreciate that you want some proof that I am more than capable of managing your sponsored ads.  

Here are some examples of the work that I have been doing.  All sensitive data has been removed to protect the interests of my clients.


I began work with this account in July 2019.  The seller was very knowledgeable and had studied with Brian R Johnson.  His account structure was in great shape, his campaigns were mature having started in 2015, and he was also using Zon.Tools for automated PPC management.

He came to me because he sensed that he wasn't making the most of his ads.  He felt that more needed to be done to improve his listings and to work in harmony with his PPC to improve sales while also lowering cost and raising keyword rank positioning.

He liked what I offered because of not only knowing Brian's way of working but being an experienced copywriter and keyword researcher.

We had to slow down sales in October to be sure that we had stocks for Xmas.  I put in a lot of work over that period to prepare his ad campaigns for pre and post-Xmas sales.

The charts below were made on the 9th March 2020 and therefore March data represents one week rather than a whole month.

Pie Chart Comparisons - Example Quarterly CPCs


Monthly Primary Keyword Tracking Reports - the lower the line, the better the rank


Sales (Blue) ACoS (Orange) - 2015-2020 shown (2015/2016 data is for the full year)

Ad Impressions vs Clicks - 12 months shown

Tradesmart - Impress Clicks.jpg

I view ACoS as a sign of the overall health of a campaign whereas the key metrics that I work with are Ad Impressions (how much trust the algorithm has for your product), Clicks/CTR (how much interest the shopper has for your item), and Conversions (how effective your content is at getting a sale). 

Ad Impressions vs Clicks - 12 months shown

Tradesmart - PPC vs Organic Sales.jpg

The beauty of harmonizing ad management with improving copywriting and branding content is that organic sales improve too. 


With ongoing focus, I get to understand your product, your brand, and the search phrases used by your shoppers so that I can narrow the keyword focus to those that match your target audience.  Consequently, I can update your content, improve conversions and help you to raise your prices without impacting sales.  And this is all included in the above monthly pricing.


In this chart, the green line demonstrates a strong increase in organic sales working in line with significant improvements in ad performance.



I want to show what can be achieved quickly even with small accounts.  In February, I advertised a special offer on Facebook to see if I could pick up some smaller accounts as I wanted to test some new spreadsheets I planned to use to make things more efficient.  I made this clear in the advert.

One of the accounts I got was for this seller who was at their wits ends as they had been selling for over a year but regularly with an ACoS of over 100%, which is obviously too much.

I looked at the account, and to be honest, it looked a tough cookie.  High click-throughs with low conversion, low CPC, low product price and several different categories of products commingled together in the same ad groups.

Well, I like a challenge, so we agreed that I could have a go at it for 2-3 months and see what I could do.  I worked on an aggressive bid management and improving the listings to increase conversion.  Here are the results:

Sales (Blue) ACoS (Orange) - Jan to End March 2020 shown (I began 8th Feb.  You can see how the ACoS line has dropped towards the end of the month.

NextGen4U - what can be achieved with a

Here is the lifetime ACoS since September 2018, averaging at 74% but mostly over 100%.  Got that down to 47% in April.

NextGen4U - lifetime ACoS vs Current.png

A closer look at the end of March where I made some aggressive changes to the PPC to achieve a 35% ACoS

NextGen4U - final week close up.png



I have chosen this client who I have been working with for around 18-months to transform their brand's copywriting, which included website copy.  This customer works to very high standards and was doing a great job of managing his own PPC.  A regular voice on Facebook groups he certainly knows his stuff.  He came to ask my help in running his Sponsored Brand Ads.

I like the idea because this is an area that I specialize in.  You can see below the working model I use for SBA's which regularly gets updated.

You can see below the impact of running these ads for little over a month and how their ACoS improved with regular bid management.  In the end, we had to stop the ads for some days during the week to slow sales and maintain stock coverage during the Corona Virus problems.

The figures for the Sponsored Brand Ads alone.  SBAs are the ex-Headline Search Ads (HSAs)

zen 1.png

And here are the overall figures.  You can see the impact these ads have had overall.  SBAs are and will continue to be prime real estate for serious sellers. Own that space before your competitors do.  

zen 2.png