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Here is a product that sold pretty well, to begin with, but then suddenly took a dip in sales and the slide looked uncontrollable.  I took a look and decided that the EBC copy needed to be improved and that the images needed graphic design.


As soon as these changes were made things improved.


Here is an example of a bad URL.  Not a single word taken from the title equates to a searched keyword.


Fungus gnats and fruit flies can be a nuisance as they can contaminate food and harm potted plants, while mosquitoes may pass on bacteria and disease. It’s time to take control, and the good news is that [Brand] helps you fight back without the need for harmful chemical sprays.

And the good just got better...

[Brand] has upgraded its popular flying insect trap with a stronger base so they‘re easier to place into the soil, a handy hanging hook to provide more places to combat an infestation, and they‘re in bigger packs so you can cover every corner of your home or garden. There‘s a bonus gardening tool too!

These tiny insects can‘t resist the bright yellow traps which are covered in a double-sided super-strong adhesive, so once they stick, they stay stuck!

Here‘s what else is good to know...



The description is the first thing a mobile user will see following the title and main image.  A short opening sentence that identifies the problem, deepens it more and provides a solution will grab attention.  For non-EBC/A+ content a call to action can also be used.

See below at one of the EBC banners that we did and a graph showing the immediate impact to sales.

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