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Can PPC Launch Strategies Work for Relaunching Products on Amazon?

The Full Question:

Hi Heath, I have listings that have very inconsistent sales. Can you follow this launch sequence to try and revive these listings, or should you follow a different process?  Search, find, buy has been suggested to give the sales boost needed.

The issue is some days the listings will do a number of sales and when I do a reverse ASIN they rank well for a few good KW's, then the next day sales will be zero!


I would just like to get consistency and I know you need to rank for more KW's but they are not consistent either, the rankings don't stick without consistent sales.  It's very chicken and egg, that is what gets me confused.  The sales were more consistent last year, but have really dropped off this year.

I hope that makes some sense.

The Answer:

Yes, you can use these methods** for relaunches.  Things like tripled keywords, hyphened keywords etc I use them all the time whether or not a product is being launched or relaunched.  


It's difficult to comment on specific accounts and why sales are inconsistent.  Bid reduction can lower your ranking, while competitor bid increases can lower it too, so you might not see a drop in impressions but where your ad appears might mean the CTR reduces and therefore sales. 


You should look at your keywords, and if not an exact campaign, look at the search term, and try to focus on areas where your product has had good conversions at an ACoS you are happy with.  Then I would build a series of ad campaigns around those to try to get more visibility.

** The methods referred to above are part of an Amazon PPC Launch course I created (linked below with the first video free) that walks sellers through the first 12 weeks of their launch. It explains what you must do at specific times and what you must consider each week. It explains what the algorithm is doing and how you can work around it to be more successful. The process is also useful for relaunches.

Need help running your campaigns?

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