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Does an Ad Campaign's Quality Score Reduce if it Regularly Runs Out of Budget?

The Full Question:

Hi Heath,


What happens to the quality of a campaign and the KWs in it if it runs out of budget for the day?


The temptation is to increase the budget but then I'm blowing up my spend considerably.


I'm getting clicks and many of the KWs are on page 1 now (sponsored and organic) but because each click is between $3-6 I'm running out of budget (set at $50) pretty quickly for some campaigns. I don't want to lose traction. 


Will the performance pick up where it left off the next day, or is running out of budget generally detrimental? 


thanks again

The Answer:

Yes, it will pick up where it left off the previous day.  Running out of budget simply delays getting the data you would have if you hadn't run out of budget.

Now that you see your organic ranking is on P1 for those keywords you can afford to experiment with reducing the bid on those keywords.  You can then begin to manage the bids normally to get to the cost that you want but keep an eye on your organic rank in case bid reduction causes the keyword to drop rapidly in ranking.

As keyword performance fluctuates anyway, I would only track the keywords that are of most importance to your ASIN's sales and ranking performance. And unless following a change you made, there is a sudden drop in ranking, I would try to give it thirty days to get a sense of the overall movement of the keyword before making significant changes.

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