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How Does PPC Strategy Work with Amazon Variations?

The Full Question:

Hi Heath, 

Based on your previous advice, [found here] I have chosen different main keywords to put in the titles of my variations., ie:

variation 1: dog birthday present

variation 2: gift for dogs

variation 3: dog birthday gifts

1. So would I then have 3 campaigns (1 for each variation colour/variation) and target the specific keywords used in that variation's title?

2. Also, do you keep this up for the lifetime of the listings, or is this just for launch?


The Answer:

That's a good idea.  

1. As the keywords appear to be relevant to all three it doesn't need to be in separate campaigns because when one is found all three are found.  

Where you want control is either for primary keywords where one or more variations don't perform well, so you can then remove them from the ads, however, that does so for all keywords in the ad group - therefore for primary keywords it can be best to target an individual keyword in a separate campaign, or with a small number of them so that you have control over the ad spend.  Otherwise, keep ASINs to their own campaigns for keywords that only apply to them so that you know the algorithm will show the correct variation for that keyword.

2.  Yes for the lifetime.  You would bid manage it as normal until it meets your requirements or you pause the keyword etc

Need help running your campaigns?

If you can't stand the stress of managing them anymore, or you wish you could get on and focus on what you love about your Amazon work, feel free to get in touch at heath AT I might be able to help.

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