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How can we manage Amazon PPC on listings with many variations?

Updated: Mar 27

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The Full Question...

How can we manage Amazon PPC on listings with many variations and run ads in a way that they don't compete with each other?


There are a number of ways to do this…

  1. Target your best-selling product with PPC only and the other variations will piggyback off the visibility of that one

  2. If you do the above, I’d recommend targeting the other variations only with keywords that are specifically relevant to them. If, for example, that’s a colour difference, then you would create campaigns with keywords that are relative to the colour of that ASIN.

  3. Target all of your variations grouped together in the same campaigns and as you get enough data back, usually within 6–8 weeks, you will see which variations are performing well or not. You keep the ones active that meet your performance goals and pause the others.

  4. You could have a flexible strategy that meets seasonal highs and lows. This would include targeting all variations before a seasonal peak, and working with only the best performers at other times. You could also react in this way for specific keywords, or keyword groups that get activated or paused subject to shopping trends at the time e.g. gifts for mother’s day which might suit one variation over another.

  5. Depending on the data you have on organic presence, and the ability for your products to appear on Page 1, there could be scope for splitting the variations into smaller “family” groups that would provide more “presence” on page 1, than a large group which would only appear once organically, with whatever ads you are running. The number of reviews/ratings would also need to be taken into account.

I personally prefer No 3 + 4. 3, because it provides an opportunity for things I don’t expect. The algorithm and the shoppers don’t always behave in ways that I can foresee. Making a decision that forces the algorithm to work with only one variation reduces this possibility. And 4, because keywords are always in a state of flux and reacting to that can become a competitive advantage.

There are disadvantages to having multiple variations appearing in an ad, for instance, the wrong one might appear in the ad and not match the search term, which could mean that a shopper who sees one colour in the main image, isn’t aware that you offer other colours. Having only one product appear for all keywords/ads would also potentially suffer from the same issue.

Need help running your campaigns?

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