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Launching with a Limited Budget, Should I Only Target a Few High Search Volume Keywords?

The Full Question:

Hi Heath, 

Going to launch soon, and I have limited budget and want to focus the budget on what I think are relevant KWs. What's your take on using only 3 KWs for a total SV of about 15,000 in 6 separate exact campaigns, SP and SB video, plus a product targeting campaign targeting one or two competitors products?

The category is very competitive, highest SV KW has >20000 SV, and CPC of $6-9 (exact match). For the KWs I'm targeting, it is 3k, 4k and 7.5k SV at the moment. 

Aim is to really drive the relevance for one or two weeks, and then start expanding.

Have you seen success with a very limited set of KWs at launch, even if it takes time? On the flip side, want to leverage the honeymoon period. 


The Answer:

Great question.  No, actually I don't see much success with too restrictive a keyword (KW) choice.  This doesn't mean that it cannot work for you, but in the instances where I have seen it, it seems to bring about a high ACoS, maybe because the KWs have a lot of competition.



What I would do is once you have seen that the algorithm is aligning the right keywords to your product, I would place the three keywords into your description but joined together by hyphens as the content algorithm is attracted to keywords connected by hyphens.  I would track those keywords.  And I would target them with around a $2 bid (not $6-9) and wait to see if you get impressions and clicks.  If you have a video, I would use that too and target Exact.


 Target hyphened triple-indexed keywords in Broad - I would do that for the main keywords that you are adding to the description as mentioned above.



Once you get impressions, and clicks, I would monitor the keyword tracking to see if your organic ranking improves.  I would do a reverse ASIN check twice a week to see which other keywords are being attributed to your listing and identify those with a decent search volume but need a boost. 



As you get orders you will soon see which keywords are performing best for your listing and which are not.  Invest your money in the good search terms and restrict the bids on the worst ones.  Once you get better reviews and your product is beginning to establish itself you can reassess those keywords and see how you can use them to drive more ad visibility. 



You can target ASINs with Product Display Ads, or Sponsored Display Ads to rank your product for keywords that P1 sellers are currently ranking for.   


Need help running your campaigns?

If you can't stand the stress of managing them anymore, or you wish you could get on and focus on what you love about your Amazon work, feel free to get in touch at heath AT I might be able to help.

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