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Matching Keyword Organic Indexing to Amazon PPC Ads

The Full Question:

Hi Heath, 

This seems obvious, but I guess the assumption is that my listing will need to already be indexed for the KWs that I want to target in the exact campaigns. If they aren't indexed, but come out as a relevant KW during research, what would you recommend? Just focus on others that are indexed already, and then come back to it at a later stage? 

I'm starting off with a relaunch but a new ASIN. 


The Answer:

The algorithm will apportion some keywords to your ASIN once it has scanned your content.  

If you have it listed with only a title then it will take the words from the title and then if it adds any others it will be based on where it expects your product to sell.


The first couple of weeks of a listing's life are vital to how well it does later in life.  It needs to have a foundation of the right keywords aligned to it so that it is clear to the algorithm who your audience is. 

Broadening these out in later weeks is simply like having branches from the trunk of a tree - you need the tree to have strong roots or the keywords that your listing ranks for won't match what you have been researching - or potentially won't.

In answer to your question, it is a good idea to target keywords in Exact match that you are already indexing for because when the algorithm sees a match you won't need to pay as much to get your ads to show. And if you want to target keywords that aren't currently indexed, for example, to show the algorithm what your product is and that it should be displaying it for another branch of search terms, use Exact match again.

Exact match campaigns mean that the keyword you are bidding on is an Exact match for the search term used by the shopper. If you are attempting to align your product to those shopping queries you must use Exact match ad campaigns to do that, otherwise, the keyword you are targeting and the search phrase used by the shopper might be different.

You should then see that the algorithm is mapping those search terms to your product and you will begin to rank for them subject to your ASIN's performance. You should also have harmony between the keywords you are targeting and those in the content and backend of the product, especially at the beginning.

Good luck with the relaunch!

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