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Should I Negative Match Search Terms in Amazon Broad Campaigns that have High ACOS?

Updated: Mar 27

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The Full Question:

Should I negative search terms under broad campaigns that have high ACOS?

When you have 1 or 2 search terms that have high ACOS under a broad match keyword, should you negative match these search terms? Would that impact the performance of other good-performing search terms under the same broad match keyword? These high ACOS search terms are still providing a good amount of orders but are just not profitable.

The Answer:

No, I wouldn't negative match [block] them especially if they are relative.  What you do to them depends entirely on their level of contribution.  Have you watched the Bid Management video yet?  It is in Chapter 9 - that might help.


My advice would be: 


1. If their overall contribution is low then reduce the bid by 20-30% but you will need to make them keywords first.  If they are keywords already then the bid reduction of this size will stop them getting impressions for a few months but they will activate again at a lower bid, which should lead to a lower ACoS 


2. If their contribution is good, then incrementally lower the bid by 8-12% no more than twice a month while assessing the data to see if your bid changes are improving things 


3. Target them as keywords in a separate campaign with only them in it.  Choose a bid that you think will give them a chance to perform well at your benchmark and is high enough to take the traffic away from the original Broad campaign 


Try those and see how you get on.

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