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Should I Target Keywords with No Suggested Bid?

The Full Question:

Hi Heath, When adding keywords to a campaign and they don't have a suggested bid, should I still use that keyword?  I have noticed quite a few of the keywords I have used did not have a suggested bid but i used them anyway but even after a week or so there are no impressions or bid suggestions.   What does this mean?

The Answer:

Usually, when there is no suggested bid and you aren't getting impressions it means that Amazon doesn't have enough data on those keywords to provide a bid suggestion. 


It probably means that not many people are using them. 


Whenever this happens, I add 10% onto the default bid, therefore a bid of 83 cents and then see how it goes for a few weeks before changing it, unless it becomes active fast and needs management.

Further Question:

Okay great, thanks Heath. 


So should I still use the keywords, but if there is no default bid should I just add a bid around the same as the other keywords?

The Answer:

I would add a bid that is 10% more than the default bid [usually 75 cents], unless you have experience with the default bid being too high for your products, then as you say, base it around the bids of the other keywords. 


I don't know if you should use the keywords as I'm not sure how you arrived at them but there is no harm in testing them.  Put them into the campaign and see what goes.  Over time, you will soon see which are the best keywords to work with and some might surprise you!

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