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Targeting Amazon PPC Search Terms to Improve Keyword Organic Rank

Updated: Mar 27

The Full Question:

Hi Heath, when we discussed new search terms are these being found in reports or by doing a reverse asin in cerebro on your own listing? Confused how these 'new' terms would be getting traffic and sales if they weren't already in a PPC campaign and in your listing if it's only exact manual campaigns to begin with... hope that makes sense


The Answer:

You will probably know some of the following but I say it for others too...


A keyword is a phrase you are targeting, while a search term is what is entered as a shopping query into Amazon.


In a Broad campaign it could look like this:


Keyword "Red Car Polish" gets a sale at 20% ACoS.


However, when we look at the search term report, or the search term tab in the ad group window, we see that the person who ordered the product typed in "Red Car Polish for Ferrari Dino".  So, you can see how the search term is different from the keyword.


The Ferrari search term is what improves in organic rank while "Red Car Polish" would improve when it gets an order.  When first launching, the clicks also contribute to organic rank as the algorithm gets to know what you are selling and who is likely to buy it.


The "new search terms" are any that are used that are not currently targeted in your PPC as a keyword.  You want to make them a keyword and try to drive more sales for them to quickly improve your organic ranking.


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