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Should I Create Single Keyword Ad Campaigns?

The Full Question:

Super happy to be here. I'm a new seller and haven't started selling yet. Question. When you say put around 5 keywords in each manual exact campaign [for launching]. Could you have one keyword per campaign for all keywords? What would be the pros and cons of doing it this way? Thanks/

The Answer:

Hi J,


Great to have you here.  Yes, there are some automated software programs that create one keyword per campaign.  I am yet to see it as a successful strategy.  It seems to lead to higher ACoS.  It could be that all the risk is presented through a single keyword.  And each campaign score will have a different quality, so words that don't see as much traffic won't get going as quickly because they are not nestled in campaigns with better keywords

Better keywords tend to get traction faster, which creates a build-up of momentum as far as a quality score goes.


The exception is when you specifically want to target a single keyword to improve its organic rank once it has either proven itself with good conversion at a good ACoS, or it sits just outside the rank you are hoping to achieve, and needs a boost.  You would then target it alone for Top of Search, banner ads and video ads etc.

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