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How do I get Amazon PPC cost at 0.02?

The Full Question:

How do I get Amazon PPC cost at 0.02?

The Answer:

Easily, if you have the confidence to do it.

Everything that you bid on must be set at a $0.02 bid. Fix the bid rather than have it dynamic and whenever you get a click it will cost you 2 cents. You are unlikely to get much traction from such low bids and this is where confidence in this strategy is needed. You will get some orders at that price.

In Broad and Auto campaigns where there might be irrelevant search terms you will need to be selective about the negative match keywords and ASINs that you set. If you don’t care about your organic rank, and only care about your CPC then you can also place relevant zero-sales keywords/ASINs into negative match to reduce wasted ad spend. I wouldn’t advise that if organic rank is of any interest to you at all.

I often create similar ad campaigns for my clients. I call them Bargain Hunter campaigns. I set them at a 20-cent bids usually. The idea here is to place around 1,000 keywords into the campaign and wait to see which ones the algorithm is willing to advertise at the low bid. Once a small number of these get clicks and orders, for example, let’s say five of them do, I remove the 995 keywords keeping only the five. I change the name of the campaign to reflect that it is an ex-Bargain Hunter campaign, and I add the 995 keywords into a new Bargain Hunter campaign. If I called the original group 1, then the new campaign would be group 1b.

I do this naming to know which groups have been more successful. As I have multiple campaigns and many products to manage in each account it can sometimes be useful to know which Bargain Hunter groups have been the most successful.

Another consideration is the value of keywords with low clicks but zero sales. They can also be targeted in separate campaigns to drive brand views, with low CPC so not to be too costly. This will not likely help you to maintain low ACoS.

Ultimately, the strategy of a 2 cent bid is a bad one and bears no relation to how your product converts, its profitability, and scaling your brand. Being so risk averse will likely limit your success and muddy the waters of meaningful ad performance metrics.

I hope that helps. Good luck.

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