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How to Control an Auto Campaign with High ACoS, and Lots of Low Click Search Terms?

The Full Question:

Heath, I have incorporated your strategy into the auto campaign into four different types.  It's running for about two weeks. For some reason, the algorithm is moving most of the traffic into two types of auto campaigns. This being "Loose Match" and "Substitutes". The loose match seems to have a decent ACOS of 40% while the Substitutes is around 350%. So I have two questions regarding this. 


1. What do I do about the Substitutes campaign that has a super high ACOS. When I looked into the search terms, it just has alot of 1 clicks on various ASINs and they look related (they are competing items in the right category) 



2. One campaign "compliments" is not getting much traffic or clicks with low spend of around $20 dollars which was started the time as with the other campaigns.

The Answer:

1. Lower the bid and reduce the daily budget. Any ASINs with zero orders and multiple clicks, say 5-10, then target them manually at a low bid and block (negative match) them in auto. However, if you already have them blocked in a manual campaign I wouldn't have them blocked in both as this can signal to the algorithm that you don't want your product to show for that search term - then you lose organic rank. Those with 20 clicks and zero sales simply block. 



2. Increase the bid until you get ad impressions. If you are getting lots of impressions but no clicks, it could be that you are appearing on ASINs that have low ranking or aren't relevant, or your offer/listing isn't appealing enough, though I doubt the latter if you are getting good conversions elsewhere.


This is the advantage of isolating the auto campaign target types. You have greater control. :)

Further Question:

Thanks for your reply Heath! Your advice is very helpful. I wanted to clarify, if a search term had 30 impressions, 2 clicks and 1 order, I should still move it into its own exact campaign right? I'm just getting very mixed advice as to when to move a search term into its own exact campaign. 


Also, another thing I wanted to clarify for a very long time, when I move the keyword into its own exact campaign, do I negative exact the same keyword in the broad campaign? I got mixed advice on this point so I would love to hear your opinion.


Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed response!

Further Answer:

Broad, Phrase, and Exact campaigns do not compete with one another as they are shown to different shoppers based on how the search term matches the keyword and buying intent, so you can duplicate them.  


The reason you want to quickly convert a search term to an Exact keyword is when it gets an order the algorithm has to give you a rank for that, to see if whether you will get more sales with increased visibility.


Therefore, this new keyword is boosted. If you don't get more sales it will quickly fall in rank. This is why you need to target it in Exact before it drops in position. You are trying to invest money in the organic ranking, and you can only do that with exact.


If you move it to a new campaign the key metrics will have a different quality score, so it may not perform as well, but your structure will be clean. 


If you add it to the current Broad campaign it will be active in the campaign where it already had success. Yes, you will have mixed match types in a single ad group but this is the reason for this ad campaign... To use Broad to farm for converting terms to then target as keywords.


When you already know the keywords you want to target, you add them all in their different campaign match types separately.


I care more about sales than clean structure. When a Broad 'farming' campaign has enough exact keywords in it, you can decide to pause the broad words and start the process again with a new campaign or, you can keep them happily as they are if doing well.

Need help running your campaigns?

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