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Is There a Best Order to Have the Upper Gallery Images In?

Updated: Jun 25

The Full Question:

Hi Heath. I used a professional photographer service, initially telling them I was new to Amazon and relying on them for suggestions (which I did not get). I have 1 hero image, 5 lifestyle images, and 2 infographics (and I will be adding one more image of my own which will be my USP). I have noticed that many leave the infographics at the end of the photos.  What is your thought on the order? 

The Answer:

Go with your USP after the initial hero image. Try to follow this with a mix of images to keep shoppers interested. When you look at your product page, glance over to the left where the upper gallery images are, and without opening them, do they look different? Are they enticing? Do they look messy with a clutter of information? Or are they clean and strong?

Then if you have two or three images that look the same (without opening them), note how you need to separate them, so that each image appears different and interesting. Then go to your images in the backend of the listing and any that you noted as being similar need to be separated. Put the most important ones first.

Your order might look like this:

  1. Hero Image

  2. Product studio image with the best unique selling points/features

  3. A lifestyle image selling the benefits of the product

  4. An infographic

  5. A Product studio image that is different from the previous one

  6. A lifestyle image

  7. An infographic

  8. A final lifestyle of product studio image with secondary features/benefits

Say your specific features and benefits first and the less important stuff last. If a person doesn't look at all of your images they will at least read about your product's best features.

Be sure that your alpha features are specific to your product and not general to every item in that category. For example, if you are selling a camera, rather than saying it has macro-lens capabilities, you would write about the specific type of macro lens, and how it makes better images. 


Assume your customers know nothing about your item and may get bored soon, so if they don't read everything or see all the images, they will know why they should buy from you.

Make any text at least 14 px font, and don't have too much in an image. Stick to one main point/feature, if you can, with 2 to 3 bullets supporting the headline feature for the image. The images should reinforce and work in tandem with your main bullet points. More features can be placed in infographics.

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