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How Many Keywords Should Go In An Amazon Product Title?

The Full Question:

Hi Heath, I'm putting together my first listing at the moment. 

How many keywords would you suggest go in the title? From what you said, it sounds as though you don't like the idea of keyword stuffing in a title. Is this correct?

I'm a little confused as I had understood high relevant and sign search exact keywords should be put in the title so the algorithm understands your product.

Incorporating sizing and features of the product towards the start of the title. How does this work and not confuse the algorithm? 

The Answer:

It would be best to appeal to the algorithm and shoppers who see your product on a page of results. So, any differentiators need to be placed right after your best keywords as people on mobile devices don't see all of the titles, and you need to make sure important data such as size, quantity, or unique selling features go in early so they get noticed. 

The algorithm reads all of your title, so as long as the keywords are there they will index. 

I personally find between 130 and 180 characters work best but you need to look at the competition around you to do something different so that there is a higher chance of standing out.

A person's eye is drawn to difference, therefore, in a sea of text you want to add numbers and symbols, for example, "100%" and in many long titles, you would benefit from a shorter one, and so on.

I'd recommend that you have your alpha/main keyword phrase following your brand name, the main feature of your product and a number such as the size, quantity, or 100% etc to catch the eye, then follow on with secondary keywords and features.

Amazon recommends no more than 60 characters in a title.

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