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Golf Alignment Rods

I last played golf in 2002 and I looked at this product and could not understand what it was or how it was helping.  As you will see from the graphs below, sales were zero for several months. 

It was clear to me that the shopper was also confused.  How was this different from a regular set of alignment rods?  I researched the product being used on YouTube and then I saw the benefits! 

The original text sold the benefits and appealed to emotional triggers but completely failed to explain how it made the difference, so I took a technical approach to answer that issue and suggested to my client that they alter their images to support the bullets (which they have not yet done) but even so, it made an instant impact on sales...

CANONICAL URL[Brand]-Pro-Golf-Training-Green/dp/ASIN


✔ LIKE A REGULAR ALIGNMENT ROD BUT BETTER… [Brand] is a unique, patent-pending design already used by Tour pros; it can rotate both ends through 90° (in 1° increments); this increased versatility rapidly improves key aspects of your game…

✔ DEVELOPS 3 KEY AREAS OF YOUR GAME … this golf training aid naturally makes your putting straighter, improves your approach game, and develops your swing to boost your course confidence; make more pressure shots, and surpass your best scorecard record.



[Brand] isn’t your regular golf alignment stick (though one is included in the pack). It has a special hinge at each end that moves through 0 to
90°, at 1° increments, to make this a super 3-in-1 golf training aid. Easily maximize your golf drills and improve all aspects of your game. Here’s how:

  • For Chipping - it helps you to direct your swing correctly towards the target and hit that sweet spot

  • For Putting - it makes sure you are neutral and square to the hole to increase your chance of sinking the putt

  • For Driving - by repetitive practice, you will improve your swing so that your drive stays naturally straight and true


You will notice in the above canonical URL the importance of having good keywords here.  It used to be possible to change your URL and occasionally it does so.  Before you add a listing to your inventory speak to me to secure an SEO rich URL that will outsmart your competitors.

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