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For this customer, I manage their PPC, advise on their branding, and do copywriting for their listings where required.

This particular product needed a refresh in July 2019 and much needed harmonizing of keywords, PPC targeting, and organic keyword targeting.

It's a heavily competitive marketplace with some big brand sellers dominating, however, this customer is now also dominating the top 3 ad positions for seed keywords while also taking up space with Sponsored Brand banner ads.




NO TIGHT FIT MEANS NO HEADACHES: Clear Protective Glasses & Tinted Safety Glasses anti-fog, ANSI Z87, UV400 & scratch resistant. Ensure crystal clear vision, indoor & outdoor

CAN BE WORN FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME: Made with a soft & more flexible BASF foam. Your earplugs expand to fully block noise. Rated at NRR 33, your ears are well-protected.


Conserve your hearing and protect your eyes while at the shooting range, or when out hunting with this combination set up from [Brand].  It provides high-level ear protection and wrap-around shielding for your eyes. Click ADD TO CART now to protect yourself with what other shooters are using too.


[Brand] concentrates all its attention on shooting range ear and eye protection. With a large selection of different pack combos for shooters who prefer earplugs or muffs, and their glasses clear or tinted, and with or without emergency first aid. Having 1,000s of satisfied customers, [Brand] has become a well-trusted and established brand.



The URL was already set.  Sometimes, Seller Support will agree to change a URL. 


A technical product with a no-fuss content, which suited the straightforward branding.

It's not Shakespeare but it works and knowing when to use different styles of copywriting is important.

You can see below how over several months this product has continued to get stronger and stronger...



The left image shows a steady improvement on ranking since July (red line) and the right shows a significant improvement in sales

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Tradesmart 1.png
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