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Whoever said rug grippers couldn't be sexy?

Oh, yes.  These babies deliver goodness like no other gripper. 


This was a product launch and a new direction for my customer.  It was a good call because with our graphic design and simple copy these grippers got stuck in a high sales velocity spiral.  Awesome.




  • NO SLIP GRIP: Pads hold down the corners of your rugs carpet or runners to prevent curling & sliding

  • STRONG ADHESIVE BACKING: Pad's 3M brand glue sticks permanently to the underside of your rug's mat

  • DOUBLE SIDED TABS: Each tab is coated with a soft no-slip pad and strong permanent rug glue adhesive


Rugs that slide around are just plain dangerous and can cause serious injury. Do you have toddlers, elderly parents or friends, or maybe one (or a few) of those mischievous pets that just love to race around the house. Whatever category you fit in we have the solution for your problem.



Sometimes, plain simple text is what best suits a product.  I expected people to not want to spend too much time reading content in the search for the Holy Grail of rug grippers and what was important was delivering the main content fast.

Skim-reading is key for basic non-technical items.

We followed up the EBC intro with pictures that delivered the point quickly and easily...

A simple message said quickly...

gripper E.jpg

Instant Impact on Sales

Gripper 1.png

Instant Impact on Ranking Even with Price Increases

Gripper BSR.png
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