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I have chosen to include this product for one reason; it had a great brand story that simply wasn't being told, and when people read it, it sold like crazy.

The company wanted to present itself as being different from the bigger brands.  

This meant that the commonly accepted sweet spot for bullet length (130-180 characters) had to be ditched.  The difference needed to be sold or the whole ethos behind the product would be lost - and that's what had been happening.



It's easy to feel overwhelmed with such a huge variety of paintbrushes on the market, and with prices varying dramatically. [Brand’s] synthetic watercolor brushes are tried and tested by international watercolorists and silk painters and thoughtfully selected so you can be sure to have the right brushes and not waste money buying the wrong materials.

Professional artist and co-founder of [Brand], [her Name], designed a set of watercolor paintbrushes for experienced artists with a mix of shapes and sizes specifically for water-based media. Using only premium materials, like our distinctive Japanese synthetic fibers blend, she empowers artists to experience professional equipment without the expense and opens doors to new levels of expertise.

Carefully crafted to deliver high performance, consistency, and flow control each of the [Brand's] range of brushes are individually wrapped to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition. Here’s what else makes them feel very special…



A problem many artists experienced was spending money on things they didn't really need.  By following big business marketing hype, or being enticed into buying a full set of brushes they didn't need, this seller carefully selected precisely what an artist needed for a given medium.

The content went on to show other areas that made them stand out and to tell a strong story.

You can see (below left) the immediate impact that the new content had on BSR, and (below right) on daily sales. 


Challenges from competitors meant that I was asked to manage their Sponsored Brand Ads in March 2020.  SBAs (ex-Headline Search Ads) are an area that I specialize in because writing attention-grabbing headlines are something that I have done since 1993 when I began direct sales copy.

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