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Should I Create Amazon PPC Campaigns with All Three Match Types (Broad, Phrase, & Exact) in Them?

Updated: Mar 27

The Full Question:

Hello. For the 3 match types do we create all 3 within the same campaign or is it much better to have individual ones? Thanks.

The Answer:

Thanks for the question.  It depends on your situation...


1. You would normally create each campaign with a single ad group within it, targeting a single match type. Therefore, if you wanted to target Exact, Phrase, and Broad you would do so with three ad campaigns. The advantage is that if one is not performing to your benchmark, you can easily control it using the campaign budget without affecting the other match types.


2. If you already have an ad campaign that has two match types in it, such as Exact and Phrase, and you want to create a Broad campaign, it can be better to add the Broad keywords in their own ad group within this original campaign - IF - that campaign has performed well overall. The new keywords would likely benefit from being under the wing of that campaign which already has a history of good data with Amazon. Any new campaigns start cold without any history for the algorithm to assess.


I hope that helps.

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