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Is it Too Late to Sell on Amazon?

The Full Question:

Is it too late to sell on Amazon?

The Answer:

Absolutely not!

As someone who manages advertising for Amazon sellers and conducts listing audits, I've had the pleasure of guiding over 400 students in this arena. Over the past few years, I've assisted six accounts in selling to aggregators, helping the owners earn millions.

Many of them have retired early or greatly enhanced their family's lifestyle. The opportunity on Amazon remains vibrant, and it's a fantastic time to start your journey!

Seven Strategic Pre-Dive Tips for Effective Amazon Selling:

  1. Prioritize Your Focus: Begin with a manageable number of ASINs and delegate tasks outside your expertise to specialists. This approach allows you to scale thoughtfully without risk of burnout.

  2. Match Your Strategy to Your Investment: For those with ample capital aiming for rapid expansion, engaging with experienced professionals can optimize your growth. Specialists may require an upfront investment, but the right expertise can significantly increase profitability and offset costs.

  3. Optimize Your Launch Strategy: To avoid inefficient spending, especially with PPC advertising, learn what the algorithms are trying to achieve, through resources like or Amazon's University free mini-courses. If time constraints persist, consider outsourcing to a professional.

  4. Understand Your Customer: Identify your target customers’ needs, desires, and pain points. Use these insights to highlight how your product uniquely addresses these issues and incorporate their language into your product listings. View platforms like Reddit, Quora, and Facebook to gain deeper insights into their situations.

  5. Manage Your Inventory Effectively: Maintain a balanced stock to avoid shortages, which can detrimentally affect your sales momentum and rankings. Understand the dynamics of your product range to prioritize which items to stock more heavily.

  6. Connect with a Seller Community: Selling on Amazon can be isolating. Joining seller communities, such as those on Facebook and Discord, can provide support and valuable insights from those further along the journey, helping you navigate common obstacles like inventory and listing issues.

  7. Use Automation Tools with Care: While software tools for ad management can enhance efficiency, they require careful oversight to prevent costly errors. It is very easy to make mistakes that affect all of your ads. Ensure you regularly review and adjust settings to align with your overall marketing strategy and adapt to market trends. Software isn’t making qualitative decisions across different periods it is making quantitative changes for a given window of time, and this might not be the best thing for your ads.

Here are seven tips to kickstart your journey. There's always more to learn, and I hope these pointers serve you well as you begin.

If you have any further questions or need further guidance, please don't hesitate to reach out

—I'm here to help!

Need help running your campaigns?

If you can't stand the stress of managing them anymore, or you wish you could get on and focus on what you love about your Amazon work, feel free to get in touch at heath AT I might be able to help.

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