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Would You Suggest Creating Different Ad Campaigns to Separate Keywords by Search Volume?

Updated: Mar 27

The Full Question...

With PPC campaigns would you suggest creating different ad campaigns to separate keywords by search volume? e.g., putting high-volume keywords in one campaign and low-volume keywords in another with different budgets to give yourself more control over how your budget is spent on the keywords?


You can do that. It doesn't make much difference in the long run with the exception that having too many high search volume keywords in one campaign will force them to compete with one another for the campaign budget

This means that you might not be working effectively by having them together.

The data would give you feedback over time though, and you could simply adjust how you bid manage, and how you structure things according to that.

The other thing to bear in mind is that search terms with higher search volumes tend to become more general, for example, "dog brush" vs "silicone dog brush for dogs with curly hair" - that's not too bad a difference because your product may be relevant for both...

...but what about - "wall decor" vs "framed mountain scene wall decor"?

When a search term is less specific the algorithm is less clear as to what the shopper wants (they might also not know exactly) but the algorithm has the responsibility of retrieving results that they will want to buy, so it will display a bunch of different products. It might show flower art, inspirational quotes, and so on, and the seller with the mountain decor is exposing their product to more competition.

How Would Isolating Keywords by Search Volume Appear in Practice? Let's say that you have researched 10 keywords each with 10k+ search volume and you plan to give them the largest budget that you can. The likelihood is that two or three of these keywords will eat the majority of the campaign budget.

This means that the remaining 7 keywords aren't getting the nourishment that they deserve.

If they aren't being fed effectively then you can't scale your business effectively.

And as the algorithm might retrieve results for a broader set of products that it feels best satisfy the search query, you are potentially exposing your product to more competition and this means that your CVR will be less for these keywords. And that means, that these high-budget campaigns don't perform so well.

So, should you mix high-volume search terms with low-volume ones? Well, the smaller keywords are probably going to be starved of cash too.

Then What Do I Recommend?

I put them in small groups. High search volume keywords will generally be in groups of 3 to 5 max. I don't specifically isolate them based on search volume though. Much of my keyword expansion strategies are based on the organic rank of a customer's ASIN. For example, if there are five keywords near the top of page 2, I will target them more to get them onto page 1. Whether high search volume keywords are grouped together at the beginning or not, they will probably end up being separated again at some point because they won't all get cash evenly. Therefore, the data causes us to react in such a way to maintain our objectives.

For lower-volume keywords, I would choose 5 to 8 keywords in a group.

And if I was researching longtail keywords, or a new branch of keywords, then I would put them into close-knit family groups of similar types of keywords so that they support one another via their metrics. **If you have any further questions regarding this then please ask them below in the comments and I will do my best to answer.

Need help running your campaigns?

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